Q: Who Can Join the Circle? 

A: You.

You are wise.

You are powerful.

You are capable of brilliant and brave things.

You may feel fragmented by the competitive and artificial world you are swimming in.

You may feel exhausted by the constant pressure to keep up.

But I promise you:

You Are Enough

You Are Not Alone

You Belong Here

Q: Why isn’t your website super fancy and flashy?

A: The Soul Sister Circle is a breath of fresh air. We aren’t here to scream at you. We aren’t here to confuse or blind you.

This is your space to beautifully recenter and recalibrate your loving heart and gracefully nourish your creative soul.

Q: Wait. So. What exactly am I getting?

A: 12 months of it all!

1. Membership to the tribe. A private, top secret, members-only forum to share and collaborate with other brilliant creative women. This radiant space is a noncompetitive, supportive, empowering community. Think of it like a giant rainbow on the internet! Finally!

2. Subscription to a monthly magazine, automatically sent directly to your inbox, packed FULL of powerful positive vibes to elevate your mood, boost your motivation, and set your creative divine fire a blaze! See sample pages here! 

3. In-person gatherings. Let’s meet around a campfire and enjoy specialized workshops, s’mores and a whole bunch of laughter.

4. E-Books. I cannot tell you how many women write to me asking, “How do you edit your black and white images?” “How did you create a successful kickstarter campaign?” “How do you generate new clients?” “How do you manage your time?” And I’ve spent the last year creating beautiful E-Books that share ALL of my answers with you!

5. Exclusive savings to my absolute favorite shops online! Paloma’s Nest, Bark Decor and so many more! Women supporting women and generating a gorgeous flow of beauty and abundance. Love it!

6,7, 8… Journal prompts. Meditation Videos. Recipes. AND MUCH MORE!

Q: Why are you doing this? 

A: During my River Story kickstarter campaign I received so many emails and messages that broke me wide open. It became clearer than ever before that women need a new way to relate and create together. They need heartfelt support that is non-intrusive and honest. They need community that is noncompetitive and empowering. They need inspiration, motivation and soul-pampering because they give SO much of themselves each and every day. And they need it to be affordable, easy and accessible.

I am holding this space, creating what I have always wished I had, and bringing the bravest and most inspiring women together- because I believe that this is absolutely what YOU deserve.


A: To sign up, for all of the goodness, for only $99 a year, email subcribe@thesoulsistercircle.com 

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